The mission of this platform is to face the challenges posed by contemporary media studies to the cultural history of children’s media, i.e. the history of the various imaginaries of childhood as they are shaped by the different media formats that have emerged in the course of time. Cultural history studies how imaginaries of childhood change through time. Media studies have revealed that older and newer media are deeply implicated in each other through ongoing “remediation,” meaning that they continually mimick, absorb, and transform each other’s representational formats, stylistic features, and content. This implies that childhood imaginaries do not succeed each other in linear fashion, but are rather subject to cyclical patterns of transformation-through-repetition. If we take this idea seriously, then conventional methods for writing the cultural history of childhood are in for revision. PLACIM makes a concerted effort to do so through international workshops and publications, tracing how specific childhood constructs circulate between media through time.

PLACIM has been funded through a competitive research grant of the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO, Endowment for the Humanities).

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