Pascal Lefèvre

Pascal Lefèvre is a partime docent at LUCA School of Arts (formerly Sint-Lukas Brussels) and an affiliated researcher at the Institute for Media Studies (KU Leuven). He studied Social Sciences and American Studies at the university of Leuven (KU Leuven). While working as a researcher at the Belgian national broadcasting corporation (BRTN), he started publishing and organising conferences. From 1996 till 1999 he was part-time attached as a scientific advisor to the Belgian Centre of Comic Strip Art in Brussels. Since 1998 he has been lecturing on comics and visual media at various Flemish university colleges of art (in Brussels, Antwerp and Genk). In October 2003 he completed his PhD in Social Sciences (Communications) at the university of Leuven. In 2006 he conducted a research project on broadsheets for the folklore museum Het Huis van Alijn in Ghent and from 2009 on he collaborates on survey about the social and economical situation of illustrators and comics authors in Belgium (for the artist agency SMartbe).With numerous publications and presentations at various conferences worldwide Pascal Lefèvre has become one of the leading theorists and historians in the field of graphic narratives (comics, bd, manga...). Selected publications are Pour une lecture moderne de la bande dessinée (with Jan Baetens),The Comic Strip in the Nineteenth Century (co-edited with Charles Dierick), Bande dessinée et illustration en Belgique. États des lieux et situation socio-économique du secteur  (with Morgan Di Salvia). He is a member of the international editorial board or consultative committee of various academic journals such as Image [&] Narrative, International Journal of Comic Art, SIGNs (Studies in Graphic Narratives),European Comic Art and Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics.

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