Anita Wohlmann

Anita Wohlmann is a postdoctoral researcher at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany. She graduated in American studies and film studies in 2009 and completed her doctorate in age studies and American cultural studies in 2012. Her interdisciplinary dissertation,  Aged Young Adults: Age Readings of Contemporary American Novels and Films, takes an uncommon approach to age studies by applying theories from cultural and literary gerontology as well as life course research to characters who are in their twenties and thirties and who are often labeled perpetual adolescents or delayed adults. Anita Wohlmann argues that age awareness and aging experiences are not exclusive to old people and that contemporary American novels and films use references to age or aging interms of metaphors to negotiate a sense of otherness or failure. Aged Young Adults will be published in January 2014 within the Aging-Studies series at transcript.Anita Wohlmann has written articles about age awareness in the blogosphere, perpetual adolescents, age as a flexible marker, depression and aging or the representationof age in romantic comedies. Her research interests include age studies, gender studies, life writing, life course theory, popular American culture, contemporary American literature, film and TV series.

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