Ingeborg Lunde Vestad

Ingeborg Lunde Vestad is an associate professor at the Department of Music at Hedmark University College, Hamar, Norway. She holds a Master’s degree in musicology from the University of Oslo and she recently submitted her Ph.D. thesis Children’s uses of recorded music. On the constitution of musical meaning from the perspective of children’s culture. She is currently a lecturer at the music teacher education programme at Hedmark University College, as well as at the kindergarten teacher education programme and themaster’s education programme in culture and language didactics at the same institution.Areas of interest, teaching and research are children’s culture and music, ethnography,anthropology, sociology of childhood, discourse analysis and cultural studies. As aresearcher Vestad is particularly interested in how people ascribe meaning to music intheir everyday life, how music’s meaning and purpose is constituted as part of a broader culture (people’s way of life, discursive regulations and available artefacts), as well asmusic’s role as a resource in parenting and childhood. Some of her publications are the journal article "To play a soundtrack. How children use recorded music in their everyday lives" (Music Education Research, 12(3), 243-255) and the peer reviewed anthology chapter published by the Norwegian Academy of Music "'Then I'm happy...' On music and subjective well-being in the everyday lives of children" [original title in Norwegian]. (In: G. Trondalen & K. Stensæth (eds) Barn, musikk, helse. Antologi nr. 5, Skriftserie for senter for musikk og helse [Children, Music, Health. Anthology no. 5, Center for Music and Health Publication Series], pp. 123-146. Oslo: NMH-publikasjoner 2012:3.) A third journal article, in English and recently submitted for the Nordic Research in Music Education Yearbook (Vol. 15), is "Now you see it, now you don’t. On the challenge of inclusion in the perspective of children’s everyday musical play".In addition Vestad holds a Bachelor’s Degree in music education from the conservatory Barratt Due Institute of Music, Oslo, Norway. As a flutist she has worked as a teacher and as a musician, for Concerts Norway.

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